As 2009 has come to an end, I find myself reflecting on all that was accomplished the past year. I was initially hired by Jerry Gappens to intern at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in the Sales and Marketing department.

I was ecstatic to be given such a great opportunity, but more than that, was intrigued to see what the wide world of NASCAR was going to be like. This position soon flourished and before I knew it, I was developing a business plan to start the New Hampshire Motor Speedway Chapter of Speedway Children's Charities.

During this process I was privileged enough to meet others within the foundation and hear the stories and insight each had to offer. To say I was overwhelmed and nervous would be an understatement. I did research into each of the other chapters and realized not only how important this chapter would be, but also all of the children we would be helping in the New England area. It was on that day in June 2009 that I decided I would do my best to ensure that not only would New Hampshire Motor Speedway rally with the staff and community to create a successful chapter, but we would spend the summer, and early fall, raising money to help out different non-profit organizations directly benefiting children with as much funding as possible in these tough economic times.

I am happy to announce that through diligence and the support of the New Hampshire Motor Speedway staff and Jerry Gappens, all of my goals have now become a reality. Our first official board meeting will be held just after the first of the year with 17 very enthusiastic and dedicated board members. Over $40,000 was raised at SCC events this past summer, $80,000 was raised at the Governor's Breakfast in June with proceeds directly benefitting the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth and David's House, and new goals have been set for the upcoming 2010 season. The New Hampshire Motor Speedway Chapter was also able to give out five $5000 checks at a tree lighting ceremony on November 28th along with donations to different driver foundations and the Motor Racing Outreach program.

To say that I have changed since the inception of this chapter would be an understatement. I continue to be amazed and motivated by other Speedway Children's Charities Chapter and all of the hard work each chapter puts into different events. I was privileged enough to work with the Texas Motor Speedway Chapter over the November race weekend and was encouraged to work hard and remain optimistic to achieve the same success they do year after year.

With the end of 2009 comes the beginning of 2010. With this beginning we at New Hampshire Motor Speedway are going to strive to plan more events, raise more money, help more children throughout the New England region, and offer a great racing season in Loudon, New Hampshire!

We are looking forward to an awesome year,

Whitney Pillsbury
New Hampshire Chapter Director